Heroin Help

Heroin Helpline

Heroin addiction is a very destructive disease that lives, destroys families, careers, and takes over people’s lives. Heroin is an opiod, a highly addictive form of opium. Most people know heroin abusers to use by injecting a cooked form directly into the blood stream using a syringe. Increasing in popularity is the method of smoking heroin, creating a very potent and just as destructive result.

Many family members of heroin users, and even the users themselves, often do not know the seriousness and dangers of heroin addiction. The Heroin Addiction Help Line is here to assist you in answering all of your questions regarding heroin use and it’s effects. This may include how to stop using heroin, helping a loved one stop, interventions, and signs to look for. Please call our help line today and get help before it’s to late.

For more information about Heroin, call our helpline 24 hours a day at 1-800-480-5965

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